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I wanted to write a book to help support new jewellers, whether they are learning on their own or attending my level one six week course. There is a lot to learn in making jewellery and the book is designed to introduce new jewellers to the foundation skills without overloading them with too much information. 

New to jewellery making?

The Jewellers Level One Journal is a beginners guide to making silver jewellery and is a companion handbook to Alys' popular level one six week course.


Five chapters gently introduce you to the world of the workshop. With guides to tools and techniques and a set of simple, adaptable projects to get you started. The Jewellers Level One Journal is the first step in your jewellery making journey.

The Jewellers Level One Journal will help you find your way through the world of jewellery making and create your own designs.

The book is A5 size so you can easily pop it in your tool box and carry it about. It's spiral bound so you can lay it flat on your desk or work bench and in a nice matt paper with plenty of space to add your own notes, ideas and designs. 


If you want a little more support and feedback on your jewellery making journey, join me for a six week in person course at Nottingham Jewellery School.


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