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I wanted to write a book to help guide jewellers through my design process. If you find you already have the tools and technical skills to make but struggle to create your own authentic designs then this is for you. Inspired by my students at Nottingham Jewellery School, the book guides you step by step through each stage. From initial inspiration and concept, through mark making, drawing, designing and and mock-ups through to final testing and trials. 

Scared of your sketchbook?


This design and inspiration handbook is for jewellery makers who want to make use of the design potential of their sketchbook and confidently create an authentic and individual jewellery collection.


It will introduce you to some of the ways you can travel through your creative journey. You’ll translate your initial inspiration into realised jewellery designs with permission to try, to play, to take risks and to make mistakes within the safety of your sketchbook.

•    Six chapters explain the stages of design development from initial concept and inspiration to technical testing and mock-ups

•    Exercises to fill in help you define and refine your creative approach

•    Tasks to complete in your sketchbook allow you to explore different techniques and methods of drawing and design development.


The Jewellers Creative Journal will help you take your ideas from concept to collection.

The book is A5 size so you can easily pop it in your tool box and carry it about. It's spiral bound so you can lay it flat on your desk or work bench and in a nice matt paper so you can easily add your own notes and information.


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