Layered shapes in oak, silver, brass, enamel and acrylic. Imperfect simplicity in beautiful combinations of form, colour and texture. Pieces are light, wearable and playful

one and many


My MA collection is a personal exploration of my own family history and memories.The juxtaposition of modern manufacture techniques and nostalgic imagery and themes expose and explore questions of individuality and multiplicity, uniqueness, worth and value. One off and batch produced jewellery pieces reflecting these themes, a collection of individual and multiple elements – a family of jewellery pieces reflecting and relating to the family which inspired them

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nottingham lace


A collection developed in association with Debbie Bryan Heritage for the Lace. Here. Now season that celebrated the history of Nottingham lace and it's place in contemporary craft. It was exhibited in the Draft Room Exhibition at The Yard Gallery in Wollaton Hall in September 2012.  Inspired by the original draughtsman design drawing from the Nottingham lace industry.

The collection is exclusively available through the Debbie Bryan Studio and Shop in Nottingham.

calke abbey collaboration


Created in collaboration with textile artist Ruth Singer and inspired by visits to the glorious Calke Abbey. Metal work and printed and stiched textiles combine resulting in a collection of jewellery, pin-cusions and non-funtional objects. Reminiscent of the decaying history of Calke, pieces were made in response to the visual imagery and our own impressions of the site. The collection was created for the Synchronise Exhibition at The National Centre of Craft and Design and  is now exclusively available through the Ruth Singer Studio.